Annual Shabbaton

From the first Shabbaton in 2008, this gathering has been a unique representation of the young, and ever growing, enthusiastic Lubavitch communities of Southern California. The Young Chevra Shabbaton truly feels the heartbeat of Lubavitch life in a united, singular devotion to perpetuate Ahavas Yisroel, Chinuch, and Hiskashrus to the Rebbe.

The Young Chevra families savor a few days of camaraderie with like-minded company devoted to the same cause, and grappling with similar issues. The Shabbaton is an opportunity to relax, rejoice and reconnect.

Over Shabbos, participants choose from lectures and workshops covering a wide range of topics pertinent to young chevra interests. Among them are engaging presentations on parenting, home management and chinuch.

The Shabbatons’ recreational activities are enjoyed in high spirits and laughter. Children and adults participate in swimming, nature hikes, kumzitz, horseback riding, ropes course, rock climbing, music, camp fires and field sports.

Camp Young Chevra is a chance for the children to connect with their peers with exciting programs designed specifically to meet their interests.

See our previous Shabbatons:

May 2011 (1) Shabbaton IV
May 2011 (2) Shabbaton IV
May 2010 Shabbaton III
May 2009 Shabbaton II
May 2008 Shabbaton I

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