California’s largest Chol Hamoed field-trip ever

Over 1600 men, women and children spent the first day of Chol Hamoed Pesach at Legoland California in what is being called California’s largest Chol Hamoed field-trip ever.

Kids and parents enjoyed the many great rides and shows in the Lego-themed theme park in Carlsbad, at an event organized by the Young Chevra, under the clear, sunny sky of Southern California.

At 1:45PM, 370 people packed Legoland’s Fun Town Theater for a Grand Tzivos Hashem Rally hosted by Rabbi Mendel Duchman of Kol Yaakov Yehuda, complete with singing, dancing, the 12 Pesukim, and of course a grand raffle.

Shalom Napartsak of Marina Del Rey won the grand prize – a brand new bicycle.

The turnout was much larger than expected. “We anticipated a small local crowd of about two hundred people,” said Young Chevra chairman Nuchi Shapiro.

“But somehow the word got out, and before we knew it, people from all over L.A. and families coming to California for Pesach reserved tickets. People from New York, Miami, Baltimore, Arizona and even London, England bought tickets. It became a tremendous undertaking.

“Young Chevra board members spent countless hours coordinating all the details to accommodate such a large crowd. Baruch Hashem everyone had a great time and it was a tremendous Kiddush Hashem, so it was worth the effort.”

Chava Tombasky who was at Legoland with her family recounts, “There was a great vibe that day in knowing that Jews from all over came together for good clean fun. It was a perfect way to spend a Chol Hamoed day with the family. Well worth the 2 hour trip to get there. Kol Hakavod Young Chevra.”

Young Chevra of Southern California, established in 2008, is an association of young Lubavitch familes from communities across Southern California.

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